Real Odisha: Unveiling the Heartbeat of the State, One Story at a Time!

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Real Odisha is a prominent news channel in the Odisha region, catering to diverse audiences with its comprehensive news coverage. The channel’s mission is to deliver accurate and timely news across various domains, including live events, politics, sports, entertainment, and more.


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The Chalange

Real Odisha aimed to become the leading news channel in the state of Odisha and establish itself as the go-to source for up-to-date news. The challenge was to ensure the timely delivery of news updates and provide a platform that would engage and inform a wide audience.

 NexPro Solution collaborated with Real Odisha to develop a website that would address the challenge of becoming the number one news channel in Odisha. By leveraging its expertise in web development, NexPro Solution created a user-friendly and responsive website for Real Odisha.

What did
NexPro Solution do

  1. User-Friendly Interface: NexPro Solution designed an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the Real Odisha website, ensuring easy navigation and seamless access to news content. The website’s layout was optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, enabling users to access news updates anytime, anywhere.

  2. Comprehensive News Coverage: The website incorporated different sections for news categories, including live events, politics, sports, entertainment, and more. This allowed users to explore news articles and videos of their interest, ensuring a comprehensive news experience.

  3. Real-Time News Updates: NexPro Solution implemented a robust content management system that enabled Real Odisha to publish news articles and updates in real-time. This ensured that users could stay informed with the latest news as soon as it happened.

  4. Multimedia Integration: The website integrated multimedia elements such as images and videos to enhance the news reading experience. Users could access video clips, interviews, and photo galleries related to news articles, providing a multimedia-rich platform.

  5. Social Media Integration: NexPro Solution integrated social media platforms into the website, allowing users to share news articles and engage with Real Odisha through various social media channels. This feature facilitated the organic spread of news and increased the channel’s online presence.

A screenshot of the Real Odisha news website displaying a homepage with a clean and modern design.

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